Those seeking Polk County public office

I will assist or train anyone seeking Polk County office in eliminating the filing fee through the use of a petition. Please share my website with your friends and family. Thank you.

Please call me early in the morning or late at night. Please leave a message if I am unavailable.


Advocate’s goals for Polk County Government

As an advocate for the residents of Polk County the following issues are of prime consideration:

  1. Eliminate fees in Polk County’s public parking garage
  2. No additional taxes or impact fees
  3. Eliminating the influences of corruption and special interest
  4. Focus on issues affecting Polk County’s economy, health, safety and the well-being of the residents, placing children first.
  5. Work on the survey established on the needs of the residents in Polk County.
  6. Eliminate the 3 year maintenance contract on the public parking garage, costing $86,000 per year and considering the employees leave at 5pm. Maintenance can be accomplished by using the County’s maintenance department and our Polk County prisoner plan. The county maintenance of the free parking garage can be obtained by selling advertising space in the garage, publishing a pamphlet of our parking areas servicing the government and county buildings with paid advertisement space in the pamphlet and provide a donation box to help offset the cost of maintenance.
  7. Review the county charter to allow only one representative from each of our cities and and towns, not allowing any special interests on the committee. The representatives should be chosen by the residents of Polk County and not the Board of County Commissioners.
  8. Citizens to be appraised of Dr. King’s lawsuit on a monthly basis.
  9. County Attorney and County Manager to be elected by Polk County voters rather than be appointed by the Commissioners.

Thanks to Polk County voters

I would like to thank all the people in Polk County who completed my petition allowing me to be placed on the ballot for Polk County Commissioner, District 5, and thus eliminating a filing fee of $2,600. I am grateful for your help in this endeavor.

Your support in voting for me was greatly appreciated. I will not forget your ideas for improving our voting system, thus encouraging more people to vote.

Results of issue surveys

This was the survey I conducted during my 2016 campaign for Polk County Commission, District 5. Please note: any time I run for public office I always conduct a survey to find out the needs of the people, and if elected, they are given priority consideration. 

The results of the issue survey, which in realty is your platform, was as follows:

  1. Decrease in taxes
  2. Healthcare issues
  3. Transportation plan
  4. Jobs
  5. Homeless

There were many other issues that people in Polk County are concerned about, but these were the top 5 issues brought before me by the results of the survey.

Please note: This is the second survey which I have done for Polk County with the same results. This indicates that our county government refuses to acknowledge the concerns of the people and dwells on serving the concerns of special interests.