I am Carol Castagnero, the Democratic candidate for Florida State House District 39. After conducting my survey, I found the top 3 concerns of the people were jobs, healthcare and education. I will focus on these, plus issues which will benefit the economy, health safety and the well being of Floridians. We must move in the direction of putting people, mainly children, first; not greed and special interests.

NOTE: FCAT is not gone. Only the test is and it has been replaced with one costing two hundred forty million dollars. The punishment of holding children back and denying diplomas will continue. Other states do not use this practice. When elected I will elimainate this painful exercise.

I did ask a Korea and Vietnam veteran what he thought of our government and the direction the country is going. He stated; “I fear for my grandchildren, great grandchildren and young people, because they will never know freedoms we experienced”. You can change his fears by voting for me, sending grandmacarol.us to everyone you know and liking me on Facebook.

A vote for Carol Castagnero is a vote for our future generations, and for going back to focusing on the United States Constitution.

Thank you for your time and concern.

Carol Castagnero

Attention Polk County voters

To the voters of Polk County, especially the 137,808 registered Democrats.  I did not give permission to the Polk County Democratic Party to place my name on their handouts supporting their choices for the amendments and the 1% surtax. When I found this was being done, I insisted they remove my name from their literature.  The only responsibility they had was to acquaint the people with Democratic candidates and not have voters thinking I supported their agenda of what and who to vote for.  I have never supported raising taxes for anything, since most of the taxpayers’ money is used for special interests.  This practice must be stopped. Please take time to know your candidates’ views before casting your vote.


Thank you,


Carol Castagnero for FL House District 39.

Thoughts from a veteran

During my petition drive I met a person whose cap displayed the words Korea and Vietnam. I then asked if he wouldn’t mind answering a question. He said  “No, go right ahead”. I asked him what he thought about our government and the direction he thought our country was going. He stated that he feared for his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all the young people today because they will never experience the freedoms that you and I enjoyed. He made a very good point and when elected I will ensure that our freedoms are not further infringed upon.

Floridians’ needs

If anyone would like to assist me in passing out information concerning my candidacy, please contact me at 863-858-1740. With your help I will be elected as your state representative for Florida House District 39. Please let me know of your concerns which need to be addressed to improve the quality of life for Floridians.

During my petition drive people were asked to give me their top five concerns. I will be continuing this survey for the next 2 months, and the results will be published in September. Your input in this survey will be greatly appreciated.

To learn more about me, watch me speaking at the Polk County County Commission Meetings. You can also watch me speaking at the Lakeland City Commission meetings. Search for Carol Castagnero. Lakeland City Commission meets the first and third Mondays of the month.

Carol Castagnero
Promote Your Page Too

I, Carol Castagnero, a candidate for Florida State House, District 39, a retired teacher who has been and is an advocate for children and people, who did seek in the State of Florida public office for the past 12 years.

If you are a voter in Florida House District 39, please fill out my petition and share it with others, saving me the $1,700 filing fee. Also list five Florida issues you feel need to be addressed.

Don’t be fooled: FCAT is not going away, just a change in its name. The effects on the students will remain the same. Students will still be terrorized and punished by being held back and denied a diploma. Other states do not use this practice. Instead, the test results are used to correct the weaknesses of the teachers and children.

We must join other states in achieving this goal of preparing students to become functional and productive adults, not test takers. This Florida objective must not continue, but instead it must encompass allowing the learning process of our children to develop. They need your help as well as mine.

If you wish to achieve this task, please fill out my petition, list your five issues and assist me on my campaign. I do not accept monetary contributions; just help me get elected. Also, I will be collecting the petitions and issues at libraries, sport fields in your community. Just look for my petition collector and me.

If possible please return the issues and petitions in an envelope.

Thank you for your time.

To learn more about me, see and hear me speak on issues and corruption at Polk County  and Lakeland city meetings, please watch me on Verizon channel 20, Brighthouse channel 620, Comcast channel 5, Brighthouse channel 615 and Verizon channel 43.


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