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Please take a moment to sign Carol Castagnero’s petition to get her on the ballot for the 2014 elections. You need to be a registered voter in Florida State House District 39 to complete the petition. You can find your district number on your voter card or by contacting the Supervisor of Elections for your county. Phone numbers for the Supervisor of Elections in Polk and Osceola Counties are listed below. Simply download the petition, fill it out and return it to Carol. Also, take a moment and fill out the issue card that is included with the petition. Let Carol know the issues that you are the most concerned about. Please return completed petitions and issue cards to:

Carol Castagnero
4119 Glisson Drive
Lakeland, FL 33810
Supervisor of Elections, Polk County
(863) 534-5888
Supervisor of Elections, Osceola County
(407) 742-6000

To learn more about me, watch me speaking at the Polk County County Commission Meetings. You can also watch me speaking at the Lakeland City Commission meetings. Search for Carol Castagnero. Lakeland City Commission meets the first and third Mondays of the month.

Carol Castagnero
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I, Carol Castagnero, a candidate for Florida State House, District 39, a retired teacher who has been and is an advocate for children and people, who did seek in the State of Florida public office for the past 12 years.

If you are a voter in Florida House District 39, please fill out my petition and share it with others, saving me the $1,700 filing fee. Also list five Florida issues you feel need to be addressed.

Don’t be fooled: FCAT is not going away, just a change in its name. The effects on the students will remain the same. Students will still be terrorized and punished by being held back and denied a diploma. Other states do not use this practice. Instead, the test results are used to correct the weaknesses of the teachers and children.

We must join other states in achieving this goal of preparing students to become functional and productive adults, not test takers. This Florida objective must not continue, but instead it must encompass allowing the learning process of our children to develop. They need your help as well as mine.

If you wish to achieve this task, please fill out my petition, list your five issues and assist me on my campaign. I do not accept monetary contributions; just help me get elected. Also, I will be collecting the petitions and issues at libraries, sport fields in your community. Just look for my petition collector and me.

If possible please return the issues and petitions in an envelope.

Thank you for your time.

To learn more about me, see and hear me speak on issues and corruption at Polk County  and Lakeland city meetings, please watch me on Verizon channel 20, Brighthouse channel 620, Comcast channel 5, Brighthouse channel 615 and Verizon channel 43.


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